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Sample Configuration Files

This directory contains sample configuration files for GBrowse. To use them, simply copy them into gbrowse.conf, and edit the name of the database, username and password to reflect your database set up:

db_args       = -adaptor dbi::mysqlopt 
	        -dsn     dbi:mysql:database=fly;host=localhost
                                            ^^^change this
user          = nobody
                ^^^^^^ and this
pass          = secret
                ^^^^^^ and this

Saccharomyces cerevisiae from SGD
Caenorhabditis elegans from WormBase
Drosophila melanogaster from FlyBase/BDGP
Homo sapiens from various sources (download from
A proxy that automatically downloads whole accessions from Genbank/EMBL
Sample configuration file for users of BioSQL
Sample configuration file for users of Chado
Sample configuration file for data converted from GenBank/EMBL format using the script.

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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
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