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euGenes Search Help


Constructing a query. The query semantics are those of SRS, and are more fully documented at SRS manual, for instance.


Fields that can be searched include

Refining queries

Following the results of a search you will find a form that allows you to add new field selections and terms to your query. Use this when you find more results than desired from your first query. When you select more search words, and new fields in this refinement form, they are added to your original query, and the combined result of the original and new query are returned.

Organism selection

Searches can be limited to specific organisms of the euGenes set. The organism data are indexed as separate libraries, and any combination of these can be searched using the selector on euGenes main query page. These libraries are currently denoted as These library designations appear in the results listing description of your query.

Search engine

The search software for euGenes is currently based on Sequence Retrieval System (SRS) v. 5. Indexing varies for fields, some are indexed as complete phrases (symbols, some functions). The euGenes data set can be included in general SRS web servers, allowing more complex queries of multiple SRS databanks. See for instance, IUBio SRS service All words in a gene record are also indexed as such and can be searched for with 'Everything' field.

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